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Who doesn’t love testing new gear? We’re open to doing product reviews and taking on sponsors.

We’ll test almost any gear without problems, but there are a few items with caveats. Food, treats, supplements, bowls, edible chewies, and things like that will be scrutinized first to determine if the ingredients are okay, or in the case of bowls if the materials used are food safe and do not leach chemicals. Products we review do not need to be canine-specific, as Suki uses a lot of products designed for humans on a day to day basis already.

Any gear tested will be taken beyond a daily walk around the block. If it’s something Suki will be wearing I can assure you at the very least it will be scraped against rocks and thorns, taken through water (both fresh and salt), and dragged through grass and mud.

The review will encompass not only how the product wears, but also details on materials used in manufacturing and any extra features we feel really stand out.

If you are interested in having us review something for you, we can be reached at

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