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  • To Live Like a Dog

    To Live Like a Dog

    We lost Suki in January. While I’ll never know with complete certainty, I have very little doubt that what took her was the year of unnecessary Percorten injections. She developed an antibiotic resistant bladder infection, and possibly bladder cancer. While we tried to get a diagnosis, even going as far as doing a suction biopsy…

  • Thinking of Feeding Raw? Read This First.

    Thinking of Feeding Raw? Read This First.

    I’m pretty happy with feeding my dogs raw. The day after I opened the first bag of freeze-dried Primal Suki walked 6 kilometers, an improvement of nearly 6 kilometers from what she had been able to walk before that. The current accessibility of raw diets, the plethora of premade raw foods available, and the information…

  • I Think I’m a Raw Convert

    I Think I’m a Raw Convert

    Okay everyone, I’ve been feeding the dogs raw since September and I’m starting to feel confident enough about it to tell you. If I’m being honest, I’ve always been low-key anti-raw. I was never outspoken about it, but my default answer whenever someone brought it up with me was always, “some dogs do seem to…

  • Happy Birthday, Roe

    Happy Birthday, Roe

    Has it seriously been a year? Tomorrow I’ll no longer have a puppy, but another dog. It feels like just yesterday I was getting the pictures of the two little black otters, not knowing which would grow up to be my Schipperke. He’s a connoisseur of food, and I’ve yet to find something he won’t…

  • Surprise! Puppies Have More Than One Chewing Phase!

    Surprise! Puppies Have More Than One Chewing Phase!

    You’ve done it, you think to yourself. You’ve survived the teething and your puppy is being more or less well behaved. You start to think about putting the drawer pulls back on your kitchen cabinets, maybe even enjoying some Halloween decorations, giving a little less supervision. Then, boom. Your puppy regresses and blows up your…

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