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Guides, tips, gear reviews, etc. for the people who have chosen travel sized dogs.


  • Is Your Dog a Douchebag?

    No, your dog is not a douchebag. Technically there’s not really such a thing as a douchebag dog. If your terrier wants to kill your neighbour’s pet rabbits, it’s just doing what it was bred for. If your dog wants to joyfully jump onto every new dog/person/everything they see, you probably own a Lab and […]

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  • Photo Outtakes from National Purebred Dog Day

    The regularly scheduled week of photos will be posted tomorrow. Today I wanted to show the series of photos from our attempt at joining in the National Purebred Dog Day celebrations yesterday. The idea was to take a picture of your dog with the I Heart Purebred Dogs sign. Unfortunately dogs can’t read, and they […]

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  • Choosing a Breeder

    Today is National Purebred Dog Day! This year I decided to celebrate by writing a guide to choosing a breeder. I’ve seen lots of articles on what to look for in a breeder over the years, but personally I find most of them too generalized. First of all, and most important: Take your time and don’t […]

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  • Coffee for Dogs

    I don’t know about you, but I love a good cup of coffee in the afternoon. Coffee in the morning is nice, but that short break around 1 to 2 o’clock is my essential coffee. As I’m sure we both know, dogs can’t have coffee. A lick or two of it won’t hurt them, but […]

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  • Hidden Grove

    Hidden Grove

    Hidden Groves is a fantastic park to spend an afternoon (for directions from the Langdale ferry terminal, click here). It’s a section of forest filled with everything from huge old growth trees. To maple marshes. There are multiple trails, each intertwining to form a network that allows you to set your time. You could meander […]

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  • Idita-Walk Conclusion

    On Tuesday we finished the Idita-Walk challenge with a bang. To complete the challenge you need to walk 1,049 minutes in 35 days. We had 80 minutes left on the counter, but we pulled in 184 minutes in a free-for-all along the beach with 19 days to spare. Not bad considering it’s been raining buckets […]

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