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  • Happy Birthday, Suki

    Oh man, another birthday post. On Saturday Suki hit the big eleven. The onety one. Normally I would say I can’t believe it’s already been another year, but this time it actually feels like a long time. We’ve done so much the past year, and I hope to do even more during this next one.…

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  • Taking Dogs to the Butchart Gardens?

    Outside of North America most first-world countries are pretty dog-friendly. Or as I like to say: Why can’t we take our dogs to restaurants like the civilized people do? Victoria had a very strong feeling of British-ness, and I got the impression that the city really tries to embrace the dog-friendliness to the extent that…

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  • The Surprise at the Top of Mount Doug

    On my birthday we hiked Mount Douglas, although it seems like most locals refer to it as Mount Doug. It’s a bit like a bigger version of our Soames Hill: Not particularly long, but the view at the top is fantastic.   That isn’t the surprise though. The trail starts out like a nice nature…

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  • Thoughts on Walking with a Purebred Dog

    Today is May 1, (Inter)National Purebred Dog Day, so I’ve switched up the Monday and Thursday posts. Monday’s usual photo post will still appear, but on Thursday instead. Last year I talked about choosing a breeder, but this year I’m waxing nostalgic so I’d like to just ramble about my experience walking a purebred dog, particularly…

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  • Here’s to Ten Years. Plus Oat Flour Carob Cupcakes with Carob Ganache

    I said this last year, but it’s hard to believe Suki is turning ten. It feels like I was just picking her up yesterday, but also that she’s never not been a part of my life. The scan is tiny, but here’s the obligatory puppy photo. A decade. It seems weird to be able to…

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  • How I Accidentally Went Swimming on Purpose

    How does one accidentally go swimming on purpose? Well, keep reading. It starts with kayaking. No, I didn’t accidentally fall in. That would still just be accidentally swimming. Nope, this story has more to it than that. But like I said, it starts with kayaking. We were having a blast. It was a bit windy,…

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