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  • Why I Chose Another Schipperke (or Another Small Dog)

    Why I Chose Another Schipperke (or Another Small Dog)

    “Did you get a big dog or is it another rat? … I just thought you guys would want a big dog for your lifestyle.” Said to Jordon when he told his brother we were going to pick up a puppy. Yes, really. Okay, the shortest version is that I chose another Schipperke because I […]

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  • On Adding a Second Dog

    On Adding a Second Dog

    A lot of people seem to be under the misconception that Roe is here to eventually replace Suki. The thing is, you can’t replace dogs. You can add more dogs, but you can’t replace the individuals. So no, Roe isn’t a replacement. I think a lot of that misconception might come from him being the […]

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  • Go Big or Go Home?

    Go Big or Go Home?

    Go big or go home. Words I lived by. I could recognize the benefits of thinking smaller when it came to my animals. Small dogs have less joint problems, they have a lower center of gravity so they’re better on rocky scrambles, they eat less, and they’re travel size. Bantam chickens are less destructive on […]

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  • Alright World, Meet Roe

    Alright World, Meet Roe

    Officially he is Majekin Natural Wonder, but his everyday name is Roe. Yes, like salmon roe. Or tobiko. Maybe someday something refined like caviar. He also goes by Bitey McBiteface. Or Hellboy. In a second he can go from this… To this. He is wicked crazy and wicked smart, a dangerous but absolutely fun combination […]

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  • Grain Free Charcoal Dog Biscuits

    Grain Free Charcoal Dog Biscuits

    When Suki was younger she was super picky. The local pet store used to just hold their container of treats out to her so she could look through and choose which treat she wanted. More often than not she’d choose a charcoal biscuit. It wasn’t until recently that I thought about making my own though. […]

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  • Our Tour of the Butchart Gardens

    As promised last week, here’s my other favourite shots from our trip to the Butchart Gardens. These little birds were everywhere, and they all stopped to yell at Suki. One of the first areas you explore is the sunken garden. There’s a dancing fountain. You have to keep your eyes out for little hidden gems […]

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