How Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Going?

Well, we’re into February. The month following the one where we set resolutions, changes we wanted to accomplish this year. Full of hope and optimism. We could do it. And February is for finally just admitting you’re not going to stick to it so why bother struggling along now.

Did you have a resolution this year? Or maybe several? How are they going? If you’re anything like me they’ve often taken a backseat, either because you’re busy or it’s just plain easier to fall into your usual routine (maybe a little more of the latter). And if you’re anything like me, “spend less time on facebook/pinterest/instagram” or “watch less trash television” either is or should be on your list. Well I’m here to give you a solution to fix that problem while sticking to your resolutions.

A big one for me was training the dogs more. Dog training isn’t something you take a class on when they’re a puppy and check off, it’s an ongoing thing for the mental health of your dog. They love it, it’s good for their brains (both Roe’s developing one and Suki’s maturing one), it builds confidence, and it builds your relationship. I wish I could say I train my dogs every single day, but… I don’t. Often it feels like there’s just not enough time in the day.

Sound familiar? Now, how much time do you spend on facebook, or instagram, or pinterest, or reddit, or whatever other media site you’re addicted to? How much trash television do you watch? How do you feel after you’ve been on those sites or watched those shows? If you’re like me, probably not that great. You know you have other things you could have done that would have been more productive and enjoyable.

So here’s my proposition. Any time you catch yourself opening a social media app, estimate how much time you’d have wasted on there and apply that to your resolutions. Be realistic. Let’s not lie to ourselves. You and I both know we weren’t just going to check something really quickly and log right off again. That’s just what we tell ourselves so we can mindless tab over to facebook, because apparently we like to be reminded of how terrible the world is. We can do better than that.

So think of your resolutions. Write them down, post them somewhere you can see them, and the next time you think about falling into one of those time wasting pitfalls pick a resolution that you can work on at that moment. If, after you’ve applied that time to your resolutions, you still feel like checking those websites out then go ahead. Chances are though the urge to browse will have gone away.

I trained my dogs today. Twice. And even got in a reasonable amount of Pinteresting.

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