A Week of Photos, October15 – 21

So many leaves! Leaves on the beach.


Lots of leaves in the forest, but not the type I meant.


We ended up buying some pumpkins to do an Autumn photoshoot of the dogs. I almost didn’t, but it is Roe’s first Autumn so we kinda had to. He thought the pumpkins were for eating.


Editing these photos, I realized Roe always has a very serious face.


The problem is that he’s so quick my camera has a hard time capturing him. So here’s some blurry proof that he does, in fact, have fun. So much fun, in fact, that he tried to grab my camera and I didn’t notice he left a huge nose streak on the lens. Luckily it was in the corner so I was able to crop the blurry spot out of most photos, but you might notice it in a few.

Like these two.


Roe wasn’t the only one to get photos on his own. Suki had some too.


I found the perfect size, perfectly bright yellow maple leaf and had this idea of setting it on one of the dog’s heads. Suki was having none of it. In her opinion leaves are for shredding, not wearing like hats.


Roe also likes to shred leaves, but he was willing to wear it in exchange for treats.


And lastly, my Autumn photo.


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