A Week of Photos, September 24-30

So up until this point the photos on my Instagram have been the same as the ones that show up here each Tuesday. I’ve never had a phone that could take comparable photos to my DSLR, but for my birthday this year I was given (very generously) a ZenFone. I use that phone for a lot. Besides the usual things like Pinterest, I have Suki’s electrolyte results saved to it in an Excel file that syncs with my computer, I use it for tracking the dog’s food, for planning out my own meals, and for daily task checklists. Initially though I continued to shoot almost all my photos with my DSLR out of habit, but lately I’ve been pulling my phone out more often because under the right conditions it actually takes comparable photos (examples One & Two). Sometimes it actually takes better photos. Plus it’s always in my pocket, whereas my DSLR isn’t always handy. The benefit of the DSLR is that I can shoot in .raw format, which allows for a much greater range of editing later. I can take a .raw photo where the dogs are just solid black blobs and make it so their faces are visible. That just isn’t possible with .jpeg images. With the DSLR I collect up a week’s worth of photos on my memory card, then transfer them to my computer, select and edit on Monday, schedule a post here for Tuesday, then transfer them to Dropbox so I can sprinkle them to Instagram throughout the week. It feels a bit… Redundant sometimes though. Having the same photos in two places. What the phone offers is that I can instantly post the photos right after taking them, and over the weekend I had some fun with that. I love it. I’m considering splitting the two up now, posting my DSLR photos here (with maybe the occasional phone shot) and posting my phone photos to Instragram (with maybe the occasional DSLR shot). So if you’d like to see photos that don’t appear here, head on over to Instagram.

A sow and two cubs (I think the same ones that caused trouble two years ago) were hanging around, trying to get the apples near the top of the ancient tree. We had picked the trees clean, but the ones at the top of that tree are impossible to reach. I’ve considered cutting the tree down because of that, but it’s ancient and gorgeous and I’d hate to do that. The next day when the bears were gone  Jordon ended up getting a big stick and smacking the branches until all the apples fell out. Sadly the bear smashed my composter during the night. It was mostly just chicken litter, but I guess she just wanted to see what was in it and knocking it over wasn’t enough, she had to smash it too. I really liked that composter. There aren’t any photos of the bears because for some reason every single photo turned out blurry. I don’t dislike bears, but I really dislike that particular bear.

In better news, Roe found a frog! I’ve never actually seen a frog out here, and when Roe found this one I discovered why. Had Roe not sniffed this guy out I could have walked right over it without realizing it was there. Thankfully it turns out that Roe isn’t a frog killer. I had to snap a few photos and while I try to minimize the contact my dogs have with wildlife, because he found it I did let Roe have a tentative sniff (while keeping a tight grip on his harness). I think it’s either an Oregon Spotted Frog, Columbian Spotted Frog, or Wood Frog. Any frog experts that want to chime in?


Roe got his first duck neck. Actually, half a duck neck. I shot these with my telephoto because I didn’t want to make him nervous by waving a camera in his face. Turns out I didn’t need to worry about that, because halfway through he actually got up and carried the duck neck over to eat it closer to us.

Suki finished up her snack pretty quickly, then decided to work on end of season garden cleanup by taking out this wild brassica plant. I’m so pleased with her that she didn’t even attempt to take Roe’s treat.


I don’t think Roe knew what to make of the duck neck at first. Initially he didn’t really chew on it, just passed it around his mouth and nibbled at it. Occasionally we’d hear a few loud crunches as he crushed some bones, but he wasn’t actually eating it or doing a whole lot of chewing. I think I captured the exact moment his molars really sunk in and he discovered he loves duck necks.


So here’s some photos from after he discovered how to crunch it down. I’m less worried about feeding him stuff like this because he was not a gulper at all. Even the tiny little pieces of bone that scattered around were chewed into even tinier pieces before he would swallow them.


The ease that he crunched up this neck made me realize how easily he could bite my fingers off while I’m brushing his teeth. I still brushed his teeth that night.

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