A Week of Photos, September 17-23

I’d gotten lax on the goggles, and Suki had sort of de-conditioned to them. It seems weird to put the goggles on for shorter walks, but it’s kind of necessary to keep the dogs used to them. I think the blue goggles are permanently Suki’s now. They look a little big on her when you can actually see her eyes, but the size they need is whatever size they’re most comfortable in. She’s right on the edge where she’s technically in the size small but can still wear the x-smalls. However she’ll walk just fine in the smalls, but if I put the x-smalls on her she puts on the brakes. Roe acts like that when I put the smalls on him, and he’s right near the upper end of the size range so I just have a feeling he’d adjust to the mediums much easier. I wish there was somewhere I could try the mediums on him before committing though.



Roe needs his harness personalized now. Suki has her black sheep. I’m thinking for Roe something like a salmon, salmon skeleton, a bear, or maybe even a lion rampant. Oddly enough people compare him to a lion a lot. I couldn’t really figure out why because he’s black with a long nose and pointy ears, while lions are tan with a short(ish) nose and round ears. I think it’s his eyes.


I usually compare them to raccoons. Pointy nosed bandits capable of getting into anything they want.

Roe’s new blue harness looks so good on him. Initially I thought the dog’s colours were perfectly fit to their personalities, Roe bubbly and bright and Suki calm and serious. It was on this walk I realized Roe might be more serious than Suki, Suki is just more stoic. That being said, it’s hard to tell which is more serious because Schipperkes are just serious dogs.


Roe is always on the lookout, or on patrol. He looks up at flags, he watched birds with rapt fascination, and on this walk he deemed a huge fluffy plant as highly suspicious and worthy of barking at.


One of the things Roe does that I love, that Suki doesn’t do, it get the ridge of hair along his spine. You can really see it in the photo above with his Webmaster harness flattening most of his hair down. And don’t worry, he’s not skinny or anything (and he eats 3/4 of a pound of food a day). He’s just in a pole bean phase right now, and it’s amplified by his fluffed out hair. He sprouts up, then he fills out. And yes, after going through the photos I realized he needed the chest strap on his harness let out so it would sit further from his armpits. It has been refitted.

Suki is obsessed with rocks. I often use them to get her attention, and when she’s hyper-focused she’s not particularly aware of what’s around her. For this photo I was trying to get the dogs to move close together, but when I moved the rock she lunged after it and ended up startling Roe.


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