A Week of Photos, August 20-26

Due to the forest fire smoke we haven’t been able to walk much, but over the weekend we had some rain and wind and the sky cleared up and it was wonderful.

Guess who wore his goggles for an entire hike? This guy did! Well most of it. Just like with Suki in the beginning I took them off near the end.


Getting the straps adjusted just right makes a huge difference in their reaction to wearing them. The “chin” piece should be resting right at their throat, not on their muzzle, and the straps need to be neither too loose nor too tight. At the start of our hike I had them on too loose and he’d occasionally stop to paw at them. When they eventually popped right off his head I tightened the back strap, and he actually stopped. Loose straps are great for the initial stationary training but they need to be tightened up once you progress to moving. I think when they’re too loose they move around too much and that’s more annoying.


Winston and Ted were there too! Every hike we go on with them, they like Roe a little more.


My dogs are weirdos. While the other dogs were standing there being normal dogs my two were doing this. Tearing up a dead plant and flailing around on the ground.


We’re all pretty out of shape. You can see in their eyes that they were happy to be out but they were tired.


It was a good hike though.


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