A Week of Photos, August 6-12

I tried the dog lenses with Suki. I made sure to get a photo of her walking, to show she really does walk in them ha!


She isn’t super keen on the dark lenses yet though, so we finished the walk without them.


Now that I’m confident which size Suki needs I’ve refit the goggles for Roe. THis about sums up how he’s feeling about that.


We found out there’s an area near our house that stays 5 to 10 degrees cooler, so we’ve spent a lot of evenings back there while we wait for the house to cool back down. The dogs each get a 50-foot long line so they can explore as much as they want. With all the sniffing and foraging they’re less bothered that it’s too hot to go for a walk.


I was using their small collapsible bowl for water, but I had to start bringing a big glass bowl instead because Roe decided it was lots of fun to run off with the bowl.


Roe’s been really enjoying foraging for blackberries.


Suki, and now Roe, get compared to other animals a lot. The most common one is bears. When he’s blackberry picking Roe really looks like a bear.


On Saturday we could see a storm rolling in. It was the blue sky on one side with dark clouds on the other kind of thing. It was very cool.



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