A Week of Photos, July 30 – August 5

More beach days! We had fun climbing around on the rocks there. I also tested my luck and skill with more group photos.

Here’s the thing. One dog is easy.


Two dogs is definitely do-able.


Even three dogs goes smoothly.


Honestly, four dogs can even work provided the photos are taken quickly and you don’t ask them to sit around too long. Unfortunately I was having trouble angling my camera correctly. I love how it looks like Suki’s leaning into the frame.


But factor in a 6 month old puppy that’s hyped up from the beach and ask him to sit still while you take photo after photo after photo? It goes south pretty quickly. This photo is amazing though. This is one of the best photos I’ve taken. It just gets better and better the longer you look at it. The horror on Winston’s face, the way Ted looks like he’s thinking he knew this was going to happen (and that he hates all of them). The way his body is leaning, the seconds before he went flying captured perfectly. This is why I refer to my dogs as My Heathens. I’m going to print and frame this.


I made a huge mistake. I’ve been struggling to get Suki to adapt to wearing her Rex Specs goggles. She’ll tolerate them for maybe a minute if she’s standing still, but then she would desperately try to claw them off her face. Looking at them I noticed the corners of the muzzle piece were lifted off her nose. On a hunch I tried Roe’s goggles on her. The change in her behaviour was almost instant. When I ordered Rex Specs for the dogs Suki’s head measured in at 10.25-10.5 inches and her muzzle measured in at 5.25 inches The Extra small goggles are for heads below 10.5 and muzzles below 6. Both Addison’s disease pre-treatment and excess Prednisone, the drug used to replace cortisol, cause muscle loss but I figured there was no way she would outgrow the xsmalls. The xsmalls have a unique shape, designed with the pronounced stops common in toy breeds, so I thought it must be due to that shape not working with Suki’s head shape. Then I remeasured her. 11 inches and 6 inches. She outgrew them. I can’t even be upset though because it means she’s really getting healthy.


Having taken lots of photos out and about, I think the fit even looks way better.


Within just a few sessions, even with the negative association from wearing goggles that pinched her nose, she progressed to wearing the smalls on a light hike with the clear lenses in. Due to the sun’s reflection some photos look like tinted lenses, but they’re clear. The vision change with the tinted lenses is still a little too much for her.


I mentioned maybe I should get a second set of goggles for both dogs so I can change up the colours. My mom’s response, “okay but when does it end, Hilary? When does it end?”

I don’t know, mom! I don’t know! I have a problem, okay? Why do you need to many combs?! I helped reno your salon, I saw how many there were!


I was thinking Suki looked really good in the blue. Then I realized she looks good in blue for the same reason Roe does: Because everything works with black. Now that I know which size Suki needs I can go back to training Roe to wear the blue ones.


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