A Week of Photos, July 23-29

It’s been too hot to go out, so there’s only one photo this week. I’m kind of glad because it’s too hot to sit in my office upstairs editing lots of photos.

Actually that’s a lie, right after writing that I remembered I also have a really crappy photo showing one of the reasons Roe definitely stays leashed. As I was setting up to get a group photo he just goes, “oh look at that log, that looks like it would be fun to run across.”


It was just cool enough one morning to get a nice hike in with my mom and her dogs. Even then we had to turn around at 8:00 because the heat and humidity was already getting too high. We actually hike with them a lot, but I’ve yet to get a nice group photo of our dogs since adding Roe.

My dogs have something of a Pepe le Pew and Penelope kind of relationship. I think her dogs hate when I bring mine over. Suki loves Ted, and Roe loves Winston. Ted and Winston do not love Suki and Roe. Suki and Roe are pretty much oblivious to that fact. But Winston and Ted put on a brave face sitting next to my heathens and let me get this shot.


The weather report is saying cooler temperatures this week. I’m looking forward to it.

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