A Week of Photos, July 9 – 15

Well, as usual I overcompensated for taking too few photos by taking. Way. Too. Many. 583 photos in one week kind of overcompensation.

I’ll start off with these mushrooms. Aren’t they cool?


Considering how much I love macro photography I don’t take nearly enough. Like this bumblebee on an onion flower.


Now that Roe is nearing 6 months (I know, it’s crazy!) we’ve been doing a few slightly more involved hikes. Trying to strike a balance between making sure his joints are safe and burning off that crazy adolescent energy.


When your significant other harnesses one of the dogs. “Hey, is this how it’s supposed to look?”


I’ve been falling into a dogs-on-a-stump trend with these two. It’s such an easy way too keep them still and close together.


Those cheeks! Her head has filled back out and is starting to look more normal.


Going through these photos make me realize we’ve actually spent a decent amount of time in the forest lately.


Roe finally got to try out a stream. Suki knows not to drink from outside water sources, but Roe didn’t. We’ve been taking our time introducing him to fresh water, letting him near it but telling him “ah ah, yucky” if he tried to drink, since even running water can contain a lot of nasty things. I’m pleased to say he crossed this stream without a single sip.


He wasn’t really sure about it at first, but once his feet got wet he charged ahead, veered away from the bank on the other side, and tried to keep going down the river.


Suki will go in water a bit, but she prefers the sand.


We spent a bit of time just hanging out by the river. It’s a pretty good way to beat the heat.


I had some fun playing around more with the colours, saturation, and clarity in my photos.


Here’s a similar photo done differently.


While streams are great, our main method of avoiding the heat is to just get out really early.


Plus lots of breaks in the shade.


Or… What are supposed to be breaks anyway.


Sand makes my dogs weird. Roe likes to sploot in it.


Suki’s paws cannot touch sand without at least one hole being dug.


Speaking of quirks, I love Roe’s quirk of owling his head when something catches his interest.


He’s maturing out to be quite a magnificent looking beastie.



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