A Week of Photos, July 2-8

Not many photos this week unfortunately. On one of our regular walks we can see some kind of tower in the distance, so on the weekend we decided to hike to it. It wasn’t as exciting as I thought, but it was nice to check it out.


I’m kicking myself that none of Roe’s photos turned out. This is the closest to a decent photo of him this week.


We tried out long lines on this hike, and it was really nice. I liked that the dogs had more length to explore but were still safer than if they were running loose. Roe used Suki’s 8-foot paracord line, while Suki got a longer rope line. I think I’ll probably make two new ones in the rope’s length but with paracord, which is less likely to catch or tangle.


I’m going to try harder this week to slow down and take more photos.

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