A Week of Photos, June 18 – 24

I haven’t taken photos of the garden in a while. Every year I have to have my purple peas.


This year I tried growing Purple Mist from West Coast Seeds, which is a full size version of the dwarf plant I usually grow. I can’t say anything about the yield yet but it did allow me to make a pea arch. It’s nearly complete.


The dogs have been wearing their Rex Specs quite a bit. I’ve managed to create enough positive association using treats that they get really excited and line up whenever the goggles are pulled out. However while they’ll happily pose for a few photos with the lenses in, when actually walking the feel of the frames plus the visual change of the lenses is too much to get used to at one time and they start to get unhappy. We’re at the stage where they will walk for a bit with just the frames, but they get unhappy if they wear them for more than a few minutes. So we alternate which dog adjusts to the goggles throughout our walks, giving each of them time to take a break (and, hey, watch the other dog wearing the goggles get fed haha). I would say Roe is adjusting to them easier than Suki but you can kind of see he thinks the entire business of goggles is a big load of crap.


Suki did run around in hers for a bit though.


Sure they’re kind of a big lie, but I can’t help taking some staged photos with the lenses in.


This is the point where I know I’ve pushed a little too far and it’s time to take a break. She’s still cooperating, she isn’t pawing at the goggles, but her ears aren’t perked forward anymore.


Does this count as a selfie? You can kind of see how I get these angles of the dogs now. By holding the lens blindly in their direction, taking a ton of shots, and hoping one of them is nice. I’ve gotten fairly good at aiming though. Also check out those lower adult canines starting the show through. Also, tip for acclimating you dog to new things: That lip lick is a sign he’s feeling overwhelmed and means he’s definitely done with the goggles. Ideally acclimation never reaches the point where you see stress signs.


I often get comments on how photogenic Suki is. I can point and direct her to pose for photos, and she’ll stand there and turn just her head each time the camera clicks. Roe actually takes it further and sets up his own shots. He’ll see a flat stump or a rock and he’ll jump onto it and sit there staring at me like, “here’s a good spot to take photos. Now feed me treats.” The eternal optimist. Here’s also a nice glimpse into the reality of some photos. Here’s how Roe set himself up, maybe a foot off the ground.


Here’s the final shot. I actually didn’t mean to do it but his leash is even hidden, giving the impression he’s “climbing” free.


I think it’s a nice reminder not to imitate things you see online on the assumption that someone else is doing it so it must be safe..

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