A Week of Photos, June 11-17

Today is my first day giving Suki her Percorten injection unassisted. I’m so pleased that she’s really starting to feel normal again.


The face of a puppy who just had his first encounter with a garter snake slittering out from under his paws. He leapt back then started barking at it as it disappeared into the forest. None of us ever see these things until they’re shooting out from under us. It makes me very glad we don’t live where there are venomous snakes.


I was complaining about summer taking its time getting here, and now that it’s here it’s here with a vengeance. Hotter temperatures mean less activity, walks later in the evening, and hanging out near water. Suki can be trusted not to drink from random water sources (I’m sorry, I have no idea how I trained her for that! As far as I can remember I just told her “ah ah, yucky” every time she tried when she was younger), but Roe needs to be held back. I’m hoping he’ll learn not to drink this kind of stuff too.


I found some ripe salmonberries so Roe got to taste those for the first time. He loves berries, and will actually pick his own off of bushes. It’s cute but now I’m a bit paranoid about poisonous berries. What’s also cute is his blissed out donkey ears.


I assure you his ears are completely normal though.


Then I had to offer Suki one, because it’s only fair, even though these photos pretty much sum up how she feels about fruit. I didn’t want her to feel left out watching Roe get fed though.


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