A Week of Photos, June 4-10

I finally caved and ordered Rex Specs for the dogs. They’ll be especially good for protecting their eyes from glare when we’re on the water. They hate them right now, but they’ll get used to wearing them. Right now they’re only wearing them for very short amounts of time without the lenses in and getting lots of treats. I brought the goggles along on a hike in hopes they might forget they were wearing them in an exciting environment, but no dice. Roe minded them a little bit less than Suki, but as you can see he wasn’t particularly pleased either.


I tried a new editing style compared to the usual soft tones and muted colours I typically go for.


Apparently my dogs are trying out for a 90’s cover band.


There was a summer storm rolling in over the water, so I had to try some dramatic shots.


And now a moment to appreciate this head. I’m pretty sure puppies are supposed to go through an awkward stage around this time. I guess Roe’s awkward stage still looks pretty nice.


He’s looking more mature in his photos, but you can definitely still see the goofy puppy here. And for once it was Suki doing the photobombing.


And finally, because I had to end on this photo, my new phone wallpaper.



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