A Week of Photos, 21-27

The majority of these photos are actually coming to you courtesy of Jordon. He commandeered my camera and didn’t want to give it back, so I didn’t take many myself.

I’ll start off with mine.

“Oh hey, were you taking a picture?”


I think Suki might be confused and maybe even slightly horrified at how Roe is with plants.


He digs just like Suki, by shoving his entire face into the dirt. I feel like a lot of my dog’s photos include dirt-stained noses.


And now Jordon’s photos.

Starting out the same way, with Roe photobombing.


For such a young puppy he’s already looking pretty majestic.


Our yard is full of creeping buttercup. It’s invasive and pretty terrible stuff. It’s listed as toxic to animals, although it isn’t super poisonous so much as just extremely irritating. Snacking on it will burn your mouth and throat. The flowers are pretty though.


We even got a photo of Roe with one, which is impressive because he really, really wanted to take a chomp out of the flower. As you can see I held the it much further away.


Those of you that follow us on Instagram know that Suki was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease, and that we had issues with her first medication not working properly. The first month after the switch didn’t seem much better, but I’m starting to feel like we’re getting there.



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