A Week of Photos, April 2-8

Roe learned the downside to being the second dog is that you get the old hand-me-downs. I had to get a photo of him in Suki’s first hiking harness before he actually fits into it.


He learned about hoses.


He caused his first bit of garden mayhem.


I love this one because he reminds me of the chubby bubbles girl meme.


He had his first excursion. I’d like to make a note that he did not have his first hike. There’s lots of time to go hiking with your dog, the time when they’re still growing shouldn’t be part of that time. We drove Roe and Suki to a safe area where he could try out some new landscapes and just noodle around for a bit.


Did you notice the harness change? He’s already in the next size up. It’s still just smidge large on him, but he’s not fussy about having this one put on like he was with the orange  one so he upsized a little early. Another week and it’ll probably fit perfectly.


Hashtag squad goals.


There’s been some concern expressed about how adding Roe would affect Suki. I have a really good feeling that they’re going to be just fine.


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