A Week of Photos, March 19-26

Not the prettiest picture, but I had to share it because I love when this happens. Jordon said I should have removed the paper towel I had set them on to dry, but it’s too late for that now. This time of year it’s pretty much impossible to get clean eggs, the ground is just too muddy and so they all end up streaked with dirt and require washing. I had a glut of eggs to wash and when I started setting them out to dry I discovered there was the perfect ratio of white and blue. Not bad for nearly-4 year old Belgian Bearded d’Anvers and 2 year old Easter Egger bantams. Zeste even laid a few pinkish and pale tan eggs for me.


Most of the week was spent packing for a mini road trip. For those of you that don’t follow us on Instagram, here’s the gear square I uploaded right before we left.


You can get a rough idea of our current car setup in this photo. It also illustrates nicely why good car harnesses do not make good walking harnesses (and vice versa). The broad padded chest piece, while perfect for minimizing injury in an accident, would obstruct front leg movement during walking.


While our trip was not about hiking, we did make a point of taking Suki out to rediscover some of her old nature walks.


I had hinted that more exciting things might be happening around here in my new years post. Well, they did. Check back on Monday to hear about that. Unless you’ve already found out, in which case no spoilers!

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