A Week of Photos, February 19-25

I thought I was going to start gardening soon. Nature, however, had other plans. The lacinato kale is still going strong though!


The snow was crazy. It snowed over a foot in one day, and it blew sideways so that the normally sheltered chicken run filled up with a layer of snow. The chickens refused to go outside and walk in it, but they clamored at the window to eat the snow. Weirdos.


Suki, on the other hand, not only wanted to be outside but didn’t want to come back in the house. She normally listens quite well when I call her but with all the snow in the yard she’s just been staring at me like, “uhm… We’ve only been out here for an hour. That’s not nearly enough time.” I stay out until my hands are numb and then I have to carry her back inside.


I’m ready for spring, but I have to admit this last hurrah of winter was actually kind of nice.

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