A Week of Photos, January 20-26

Last year I could count on one hand the amount of time I spent with my chickens (not including cleaning the coop or filling food and water). The cause of that was an aggressive rooster I couldn’t bring myself to put down.  He has since been ousted to live out the bachelor life with the other roosters I can’t bring myself to kill (see the end of #3 on reasons not to own bantams here). The bachelor pad will be getting an upgrade to accommodate the larger flock size, and I get to enjoy rekindling the friendship with my flock. So now I’m adding take photos of the flock every month to my list of 2018 resolutions. I’ll start off with a picture of Gueuze, whose personality is as fantastic as ever.


And Brulot, whose beard has grown back and remained unplucked ever since I switched them all to a high protein diet.


Now Beignet is the only one without a beard. Genetically all she inherited the ability to grow was stubble.


Sel, who is the only one that still confidently mooches for treats.


And last, but certainly not least, Zeste.


Because it’s been so long since we’ve actively spent time with the chickens, I think I’ll probably need to re-acclimate Suki to them. I tended to discourage her from going near them because I was worried Stella would go for her eyes, so she’s forgotten all her chicken manners. Speaking of manners, she’s been reminding me every day that I need to choose a spot in the yard to build her a sandbox for digging. She spends most of her time in the yard digging in the dirt mounds where the new tomato beds are going to go, and has even jumped into the actual garden beds a few times. Yup, time for a dedicated digging spot methinks.


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