January 1-12 in Photos

It’s that time of the year, when photos are scarce due to schedules and most walks taking place after dark. I’ve had to put two weeks together just to have enough photos.

We did manage to get out and play in the snow though.


She’s been looking very red in some photos and I’m not sure why. A bit of coat reddening is normal with age, but she doesn’t look this red in person. It must be something with the lighting and camera exposure.


Also, as you can see I’ve switched Suki back to a harness. I had switched to a collar because she seems to prefer the minimal gear (I think she’d be a nudist if she had a say) and she is so difficult to fit in a harness due to her big shoulders, deep chest, and regular sized neck. I may cover the reason for switching back to a harness in a future post. Right now she’s trying out a hand-me-down Rogz harness. So far I’m liking it and will probably get her one in a colour that suits her better.



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