Starting a New Tradition


We cut down our first live Christmas tree. I’ve been wanting a larger tree than our two-foot tall synthetic, but I didn’t want to buy more plastic stuff. I was so gung-ho about getting a real tree until it came time to cut it down, then I felt kind of guilty about the whole thing.


Once we had it chopped though I was too excited about documenting the moment to think about it.


Unfortunately we were so focused on making sure the tree wasn’t too tall that we didn’t take the trunk thickness into account and it was too thin for our tree stand. I set it in the stand, cranked the screws to the smallest possible size, then tentatively released the tree and watched it flop to the side and nearly flip out of the stand.


I refused to go out and kill another tree, so we had to make it work. Luckily for us our living room has barn rafters. So it’s being held up by jute twine suspended from the ceiling. Oh yeah, we go full classy at holidays.


Next year we’ll give a bit more thought to the trunk size, but our skinny tree has grown on me. It’s unconventional, but I like it. Somehow it’s perfect. I plan to keep a round from the trunk to hang on next year’s tree. Hopefully it’s big enough to write the year on it…

And now, a few other decorations.

When you first step into the living room you’ll see the sconces I finally put up. I’ve had these tucked away in storage for years, unsure exactly where to put them. Turns out the right spot was right in front of me. I added some holly to make them more festive.


Mini mason jars + old wood + knit sleeves = Holiday perfection.


Even Pulle is looking festive while he guards the door. Suki’s happy she doesn’t have to wear the hat this year.


But let’s go back to the tree, shall we?


Because putting up a tree was a bit of last minute decision we didn’t buy more ornaments, so it’s just whatever we used to put on the two foot tall tree. Let’s just call it minimalist.


Since Monday is Christmas (what?!), you won’t hear from me until the new year. Have a great holiday, everyone, and here’s to a fantastic year to come


One response to “Starting a New Tradition

  1. When I was very young, i am 61 now, we cut our Christmas trees from our woodlot of mostly hardwood trees, this was in Upstate NY in the 1960’s. I lived on a dairy farm with lot’s of land surrounding it. . The last thing from my father’s mind was buying a tree of any kind, real or plastic! We made due with what was at hand. I always thought the trees were sparse looking, even though as a small child with no neighbors for miles I didn’t have much to compare it with! What I learned much later after attending forestry school is that my hemlock Christmas trees were just typical of what happened to grow in that particular place and their sparse nature was no fault of the person choosing the trees. I know I had fun at the time going in to the snowy woods with my Dad and finding one to cut but I wish I could tell him how much it matters to me looking back to that time. Your sweet tree reminded me of those trees of the past. I live in Oklahoma now , not a great place for evergreens shaped like Christmas trees so we buy our tree at Whole Foods! Slightly better than plastic.

    Merry Christmas! Check out my Facebook page to see Christmas decor at my house, and there is a picture of this years tree I think. Martha S. George on Facebook. Thanks for jogging my memory.

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