Is Hygge Still a Thing? Because I’m Starting to Need It

Has anyone else noticed a drop in the temperature in the mornings? Or worse, a decline in the daylight hours? It’s officially autumn, and not in the calendar kind of way but in the it’s no longer that late heatwave where you’re freezing in the morning then sweating in shorts by the afternoon kind of way. Now it’s just always cold. Which I’m sort of ready for but also so not ready for.


So, like, are we still hyggeing? Is that a word? Because I might be able to get psyched for autumn and winter if I can have some of that.


Let’s just get this out of the way first: It’s pronounced hoo-guh, and it’s basically the concept of coziness and contentment. Last year it seemed like everyone went nuts for it. Is it still a thing outside of Scandinavia? It’s such a fun word. Please still be a thing.

I want all the warm coffee, smokey chowders, and hot chocolate. Flannel, plaids in rich warm tones, and knit sweaters. Sheepskin rugs, fluffy socks, and firewood. Low hanging clouds over the mountains and a cold salty wind off the ocean.


Okay, I’m feeling a little better about autumn and winter now.


My idea of hygge is a blanket, some reading material, a cup of coffee, and Suki curled up against my legs while the cold rain tap-taps on the tin roof. Even better if we were just outside and are now happily tired and warming back up.


How do you hygge?

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