Catching up on Weekly Photos

Oh man, life has been hectic lately. No excuse really, but whatever. I’m sticking to it. Here’s what we’ve been up to since I disappeared.

We managed to get out and enjoy the nice Fall weather. Y’know, before the rains came in full force.


I even took photos of things that weren’t Suki, including one of the fluffy feist.


In this photo Sel was not ready for the cold weather. She was the first to molt and looked as miserable as she probably felt. Since this photo was taken though she’s fluffed out in her full winter feathering while everyone else has begun late molts. So she gets the last laugh.


I harvested all my tomatoes before night time frosts came. They’re now sitting in a box in my living room ripening, but I’m not going to show you that because it’s a box in my living room and you just don’t show that kind of stuff online.


It’s not a pretty photo, but I just wanted to show the length of an Indigo Blue tomato’s cluster. There’s also an Arbason cluster beside it, which is basically the complete opposite.


My Arbason beefsteaks didn’t do overly well. They took so long to grow and ripen that I only got one vine ripened tomato, and there weren’t even very many green ones. The few I did get were huge though.


Even Suki seemed shocked by the size.


One of these things is not like the other.


Suki knows which one.


We went to Squamish for Thanksgiving, but I only took one photo.


Suki thinks we need more sheepskin rugs. One for her chair upstairs, one for the bed, and one for the couch.


I also got out and photographed the birds. I don’t get much chance to take photos of them because rooster #2, Stella, is very aggressive. But I wanted to spend time with them and photograph them in all their molting glory, so I gave him a few treats then moved him to a separate cage. I wiser person than I would turn him into dog food.


Every morning it’s like a pillow fight broke out in the coop, and they’re covered in little spikes that will eventually open up into new feathers. A lot of people are kind of averse to showing photos of their birds during a molt, but I think they look hilarious.


With the rain comes mud. We cover the top of their run in winter but it only does so much. I rake it out periodically to get air into the dirt, I’ve added a wide board for them to sit on so they have a place to escape the mud, and if we get any freezes I’ll throw down some straw but unfortunately the muck and damp is just part of living on the coast. They don’t seem to mind too much though. To be honest I think they’re happier the filthier they are.


And here’s Gueuze, of course, which despite his grumpy face is still his sweet, shy self. He misses out on a lot of treats because while he’s delicately nibbling one at a time one of the more outgoing girls will dart in an gobble them all down.


Although apparently showing him a red maple leaf is akin to offending his ancestors. Which is unfortunate because I was thinking of planting one in the yard.


And look! It’s Beignet! Eating out of my hand! And not just that, she’s even mooching for treats. Last year she wouldn’t even come over for treats tossed to her. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to hold her next year.


And, as mentioned earlier in the post, here’s Sel now looking quite fluffy and majestic compared to her flockmates.


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