A Week of Photos, September 23-29

Well, it happened. We had our first bear visitor of the season. He was very skittish though and took off before we could even shoo him away.


My neighbours keep letting their pets in my yard! Kidding. Well sort of. It turns out all the honey bees I’ve been seeing are because my neighbours set up a hive. Hopefully sunflowers make tasty honey.


Speaking is insects, if anyone knows what this guy is let me know. I see them at the beach sometimes and they’re huge.


We spent the last nice days at the beach.


All the dogs wanted to eat this crab claw. Time for a shellfish dinner maybe?


Okay I know I said I’m going to be paring down on pictures, but this is me paring down. I just love photos like this. Suki’s new Totoro ID tag is also shown off nicely.


I don’t take a lot of graffiti photos, but this one has always caught me eye and I finally snapped a picture of it.


We found a (non-stinging) jellyfish. Suki wasn’t impressed.


I’m not ready for summer to be over.


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