A Week of Photos, September 9-15

Not much this week, but I do have a photo of a bird I rescued. Just as I was finished coop cleaning duties and was about to go inside I heard a loud bang and looked over to see this little guy fall from our deck, where he had struck the huge glass windows (I hate those windows). As I went around the fence I grabbed my tablet and quickly googled what to do. The website said to move them to a safe location, so I tucked him into a little box lined with paper towels and moved him into the shade under the bench in our yard where he would have more shelter from all the stellar’s jays. There was already a jay hanging out in the bird tree eyeing him up, so Suki and I hung out in the yard to make sure he didn’t become a meal. I’m all for letting nature be nature, but hitting a window isn’t part of nature so I wanted to give him a fighting chance. I couldn’t resist snapping one photo as I was setting him into the box, but that’s the only one because I didn’t want to stress him out more than he already was. He quickly began to revive and look around, but took about an hour to fly away. I’m pretty sure he’s a golden-crowned kinglet.


Then there’s my sunflowers, which I was super late getting planted and wasn’t sure I would actually get blooms out of. They’re lemon queen sunflowers and, as you can see, will produce many flowers per stalk.


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