The Giant Chard, Part 2

One of our giant chards bolted, turning it into an absolute monster of a plant. All good things eventually come to an end though, and the giant chard had reached its tipping point. Literally.


As much as the bees loved it, and as good as the flowers smelled, at that point it had to go. It briefly doubled as an agility hurdle.


I feel like these photos aren’t really accurately representing the size of this thing. So here it is next to the tub planter. This is a full size tub that was in the yard when we moved in.


Here’s a leaf from when we first harvested the chard.


Suki, as always, was ready to help out. And by help out I mean tear the roots into tiny pieces and fling them all over the yard.


Somehow it fit in the compost bin. I don’t know how, but it did. This bin is like that bag from Harry Potter, the tiny one that magically fit an entire tent.


Did you grow any monstrous plants this year?


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