Two Weeks of Photos, August 26 – September 8

One of the most challenging things for me is sorting and editing photos. Editing can be kind of tedious, but sorting through the photos is the big challenge. I know I said this last time, but I like them all. I’m trying to force myself to cut a bit more ruthlessly than I have in the past though.

Week 1
Suki and I are enjoying the heck out of the fresh tomatoes. Jordon isn’t though, because he’s crazy and doesn’t like tomatoes.


Look at that face. And yes, she’s standing in the garden bed. She misinterpreted my cue to put her paws on the edge as a cue to jump onto it. It’s so cute how she’ll still stand right along the edge when that happens though.


The yard is teeming with insect life of all kinds. I found this grasshopper hanging out on my sunflowers.


And the bees absolutely loved the bolted swiss chard. Did you know swiss chard flowers smell like honey? I didn’t until I smelled this one.


And every night I can hear the chirping of crickets. Sometimes I even find one along the garden beds.


We harvested our first, and possibly only, watermelon.


Something about the round cucurbits gets Suki really excited.


Week 2
On the long weekend we tried canoeing, and now we’ve pretty much decided we’re going to trade in our kayaks for a canoe. One of the best things about a canoe is that I was able to (very, very cautiously) bring along my DSLR.


Sechelt inlet is full of jellyfish. They’re a non-stinging type, but they’re not good to have around because their presence is a sign that there is too much algae in the water.


Have you ever seen a Bonaparte’s gull? I hadn’t until now, and they’re adorable! They’re about the same size as my bantam chickens. These are juveniles, full grown but not yet in their adult plumage. When their fully mature plumage comes in they’ll have black heads.


Wondering about Suki? Don’t worry, she came along too.


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