A Week of Photos, August 19-25

On Saturday we were invited along on a hike up Mount Hallowell.


When it comes to Suki I am really, really bad at selecting just a few photos. So here’s a ton of summit pictures.


And also a few landscapes. These are easier for me to pare down.


Suki demonstrated that she can relax anywhere.


Fall colours are starting to creep into the landscape. Which is pretty, but I’m also not ready for summer to be over.


At the top there’s an old fire watch cabin.


There’s nothing overly special about these, but I always have to photograph them because of the colours and textures.


I did warn that I have a hard time paring down Suki’s pictures.


I’m going to try being more selective of photos in the future (maybe) but not this time.


Hallowell also had a copper mining operation at one point, so we stopped by that area on the way down.


Which included looking at the mine entrance, but definitely not going into the mine because we’re not crazy. No offense to anyone to enjoys spelunking.


There were tons of rocks with copper patina on them scattered around the area though. I didn’t notice Suki’s paw when I was taking the second photo, but I think it adds to it.


When we got home we just hung out in the yard. Suki still wanted to play with her sheep ball.


The garden is going fairly well. My rose (which I wasn’t expecting anything from this year) has a single bud on it, we’re getting a steady snack’s worth of blueberries, and the first pumpkin is turning orange. Suki’s pretty intrigued by all the cucurbit plants.


Then there’s this tiny watermelon.


I let the radishes go a bit long. They’re pretty tasty roasted, but I didn’t mind letting Suki tear all the leaves off one then run away with the root.


So far August is wrapping up pretty nicely.


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