Cold Brewed Coffee Just Isn’t Worth It

I can’t be the only one not enamored with cold brewed coffee, right? … Right?

… Anyone?


I’m not a coffee snob, I swear. When my French press broke (owning a French press does not make me a coffee snob, bee-tee-dubs) and I was trying to decide what to buy next I made my coffee in a pot on the stove. When I make my iced coffee I just brew a normal cup and stick it in the fridge for the day. And… I like that better than cold brew.


Sure, go ahead, snoop through my fridge. Whatever. Aside from my miso the right side of the center shelf is pretty much entirely devoted to Suki’s stuff. It’s all pretty uninteresting other than the cured egg yolk hanging in my budding charcuterie rack, Suki’s beef bone, and that… Odd looking… Jar at the back that is, in fact, just boring old sunflower oil. Well and the container of okra, if you consider it Satan’s vegetable like some woman on the internet years and years ago called it. Not to be confused with the Carolina reaper pepper, which is Satan’s… Eh, never mind. Back to coffee.


Maybe I just haven’t had cold brew made correctly. I’ve had it at Starbucks, but Starbucks coffee tastes like it’s been brewed from the bitter watered down remains of already used burnt beans mixed with battery acid (sorry not sorry), so it’s not exactly the best coffee to go by. Now before all you Starbucks lovers jump down my throat, it also gives me horrible gut rot so my opinion on the flavour has probably been tainted a little by the wrenching pain of my innards. I’m still going to maintain my non-coffee snob status.


I’ve made cold brew myself several times and it just doesn’t have much flavour compared to regular heat-brewed coffee. Sure, it isn’t as bitter as coffee brewed using heat but it just isn’t as flavourful in general. Which is weird because it’s supposed to have the strongest flavour. Unless I’m not using enough coffee grounds, but if I’m not using enough coffee grounds then I just don’t think the improvement in flavour is worth the extra coffee it takes to brew it.

I don’t dislike it. I just don’t like it more than regular iced coffee.


It turns out I’m not alone, either. It turns out that in addition to the bitter compounds there are a lot of nuanced flavours that are only drawn out by using heat. While cold brew is supposed to have a smoother flavour, brewing with heat produces a coffee that’s brighter and more aromatic.


What do you prefer? Do you even have a preference? Or does having a preference make one a coffee snob? I’m going to say it doesn’t.

2 responses to “Cold Brewed Coffee Just Isn’t Worth It

  1. I can probably be called a coffee snob…we just transformed our routine of many years , 35+, from a regular drip Chemex 6 cup to the fancy and god awful pricey electric Chemex coffeemaker to make mornings easier for a three person household. We were brewing the coffee and putting it in a thermos, so the first person up had to hover over the drip pot , heat the thermos, etc. (one of us gets up at 3:15 am, one at 5:30 am and one much later, me! lol ) The earliest riser became unwilling to hover long enough to make a full pot , second riser became sick of hovering at all…3rd riser was not getting any kind of satisfaction! Anyway we are willing to spend a lot and go to extremes for our coffee habit! We typically drink a Peet’s dark rich something, a French roast or espresso, always ground very fine. Many times in the past we have stopped brewing with the Chemex for the sake of time savings and having a heating plate and we end up chucking the electric pots (Krups, Bosch, Zojirushi, Braun, Cuisineart, even Chemex and more, so many stupid pots to the landfill!) and return to the pour over….I hope this new electric lasts a good long time! The coffee does taste good. We had 2 of the original electric Chemex coffeemakers about 30 years ago and they both broke and then disappeared from the marketplace. , here’s the one I have, now on sale because a new model is coming out , you guessed it with “cold brew” capability!

    The answer is: one must brew the coffee and then chill it, even brew it extra strong so ice cubes can be added! I want it to taste like coffee!

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