A Week of Photos, August 12-18

So there’s going to be an eclipse today. I’m pretty excited about that. If I’m being honest part of that excitement is seeing how confused my chickens are going to be.

But! Back to the previous week’s photos.

First are the photos from Suki’s birthday walk. I didn’t take very many because I just wanted to walk with her, but I of course needed a few.


I think this one might be my favourite.


Although these three are close. Look at how excited she gets as she trots closer. Recalls should be fun for dogs.


I also, sort of, got a picture of Suki with this wooden bear. I’ve been trying for about a year. I’m calling it a win.


I also took a few landscape pictures.


I’ve also been photographing each basket from the garden. This basket turned into pad kee mao.


And of course that includes pictures of Suki with the basket.


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