Our Tour of the Butchart Gardens

As promised last week, here’s my other favourite shots from our trip to the Butchart Gardens.


These little birds were everywhere, and they all stopped to yell at Suki.


One of the first areas you explore is the sunken garden.


There’s a dancing fountain.


You have to keep your eyes out for little hidden gems like these.


Everything is organized perfectly and the plants are in perfect condition, whether it’s in the shade or bright sunlight. Even the lighting blends in seamlessly.

For all the rose lovers out there, there’s an entire section dedicated just to them. It’s also the only place in the garden where the plants are labeled. I kept my eye out for a rose from Belgium to take Suki’s photo with, but it wasn’t in bloom.

There are so many flowers.


There’s a huge redwood tree. I never realized how interesting redwood bark is.


And a variety of statues.


A lot of the statues were placed naturally throughout the gardens, especially in the Japanese garden.

This is Jordon’s preferred style of landscaping. Crisp lines and perfectly manicured lawn.


This boar statue’s nose is polished by all the people touching it for good luck.


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