Happy Birthday, Suki

Oh man, another birthday post. On Saturday Suki hit the big eleven. The onety one. Normally I would say I can’t believe it’s already been another year, but this time it actually feels like a long time. We’ve done so much the past year, and I hope to do even more during this next one.

Normally I have a recipe for Suki’s cake, but this time all I have are some photos to tease you with because I don’t think this recipe is quite share-worthy yet. I mean Suki loved them, but I’d just like to try a few changes before calling it perfected.


They’re grain, legume, and nut free. Yes, you read that right. No oat flour, no garbanzo flour, no almond flour. Suki very much approved. I also approved, but my opinion doesn’t matter as much.

For her birthday the forest fire smoke cleared out and we woke up to blue sky and fluffy clouds for the first time in roughly two weeks, so we were actually able to do a nice walk. We’re all a little out of shape after being at nearly zero activity though, and the weather is still pretty hot, so we went out early and stuck to a relatively flat and shady off leash trail park. Suki was so excited to be out running around again.


After the walk we swung by the pet store to pick out new treats. We picked out a dehydrated duck and pear treat as an afterthought, and I’m so glad we grabbed those because I think they might be Suki’s favourite snack ever. We gave her one of each treat then I put the bags into my purse to head home. Once we were home Suki was laying in the living room looking a bit sullen, and we were worried we had overdone it on our walk. It hadn’t felt hot out and she hadn’t seemed tired, but heat exhaustion can set in quickly. Then it dawned on me. She was staring at my purse. Sure enough the moment we stepped toward her she shot up, shoved her head in the purse, and ran off with the bag of duck treats clamped firmly in her jaws.

I hope you’ve had a good year, Suki. You’re the best friend I could have asked for, better even, and my life has only been improved by having you in it.



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