A Week of Photos, July 22-28

There’s something lovely about artsy photos of garden spaces with the sun filtering in, tinging the photo golden… Oh, wait.


This is why we can’t have nice things. She’s eating the tasty fresh grass shoots, for anyone wondering. Eating grass isn’t actually an indication of an upset stomach by the way. It can be an indication that they’re missing some greens in their diet, but most of the time dogs eat grass just because they like it. Sometimes Suki takes the organic vegetables that I’ve lovingly prepared for her out of her bowl and spits them out all over the floor.


We spent a few days in Vancouver. Suki wasn’t a big fan of the hotel overall, although she was so well behaved


She did love the big window though. And I loved those sheer white curtains. I wonder if they would help shade out the heat while still letting light through… My least favourite thing about summer is having to turn the house into a cave to avoid turning it into an oven.


We also met another Schipperke! We spotted him from across the beach and had to chase him and his owner down.


On the way back up the beach I snagged a few photos of Suki with the inlet and city in the background.


We also went to Granville Island, but I hardly took and photos because oh my gosh it was so busy and I don’t know if I ever want to go back there. Like ever. I took these while bribing the dogs with dehydrated sardine treats I bought at Granville Island Pet Treatery. I had bought a tiny bag of dried sardines on Vancouver Island and, quite distressingly, had not been able to find any on the Sunshine Coast. So I basically spazzed out in the shop and bought a bag. It wasn’t until afterwards that I realized I hadn’t even checked the price. The guy even said the total, but I was just in a deaf haze of happiness because I had found the greatest treats ever. Like totally in one ear and out the other. He could have said $30 and I wouldn’t have noticed. Luckily for me the price was quite reasonable, which is almost unheard of on Granville Island.


Well and I also took this photo. How could I not snap a pic of this?


Coincidentally I took a lot of chicken photos this week. I’m a bit sad to say Zeste’s fluffy face isn’t looking so fluffy right now. Sel has taken up the bad habit of beard plucking again. I can’t figure out the cause because they get plenty of protein, their coop is full of interesting things to do, and they get a few hours out in a portable pen to forage for grass. Thankfully it’s limited to plucking the beard feathers.


I even snapped one of Stella, my rooster that is the reason I don’t take many chicken photos because he wants to murder me and won’t leave me alone if I hang out at the coop. He’s lucky he’s so pretty, because if he wasn’t I don’t know if I would put up with him. Shortly after taking this photo he spurred me for the last time with his dagger legs. I grabbed him and my Dremel, and he lost his privilege to keep his spurs. I had been thinking of filing his spurs back to blunt nubs for a while, but I had been hesitant to actually do it because I didn’t know how far down the spur the quick ran. Spurs are giant claws that stick out of the side of the leg, and like all claws they have a blood-filled quick. I didn’t want to purposefully file into the quick because it’s painful, but with the pain of a thousand spur puncture wounds still on my hands I didn’t really care at that moment. It ended up going fine and now my only regret is not filing his spurs sooner!


And then there’s Gueuze. Every rooster should be like Gueuze.


You can see the moment where Brulot realized her picture was being taken.


At least Sel’s face is still mostly fluffy, just a tiny bit missing. I’m going to have to get to the bottom of this plucking behaviour.


If you’re happy and you know it…


It’s not mean to make them jump for food. It’s good exercise. Zeste and Sel disagree with me on that though.


The last thing any of us would ever see if chickens were the size of t-rexs.


We have watermelon flowers! Finally!


The bees love the squash plants, and we now have one tiny pumpkin. I’m calling it a win.


And of course lots of purple peas. I love these things. They’re like ornamental plants you can eat.


Schipperke butt and paws! Oh my gosh the paws I can’t even-!


I got a weather warning that we’re supposed to get a heat wave. I thought it was already hot, but I guess it’s just going to get hotter. That means a lot of our spare time will probably be spent like this.



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