A Week of Photos, July 8-14

It’s either feast or famine with the photos. This week I just have Suki’s sass-face and some yard.


This is my new favourite place to have an afternoon coffee,


My pea plants are flowering. I love the purple flowers on this old Dutch heirloom.


The blueberry bushes are absolutely loaded. I actually had to add a stake because a main branch was starting to droop under the weight.


We have squash! … Maybe. Well we have squash flowers. We have potential squash.


This is Suki’s thyme plant. It’s about five years old, but it’s tiny again because it took a lot of damage over the winter and I had to trim back all the dead stuff. Why is it Suki’s thyme plant? Because she loves to smell it, and her eyes will sort of glaze over and half close in pure doggie bliss.


3 responses to “A Week of Photos, July 8-14

  1. I really enjoy the beauty of your photos and thank you for sharing them…you are very talented!!
    Your Suki is precious and as a “momma” to a 15 and 1/2 year old Schipperke, my heart soars seeing your little girl enjoying these adventures with you. I miss those active days with my girl…for whom arthritis has limited her mobility. God bless you all.

    • Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoy my photos. Schipperkes are such a special breed, so full of the best kind of quirky personalities. I always say the Belgians really had a certain type of animal they liked and bred for.
      Sorry to hear about your girl’s arthritis. Is she able to ride in a backpack carrier? A lot of people also have great success with hemp CBD oil for managing arthritis pain.

  2. Thank you..I will have to mention hemp CBD oil to our veterinarian who is holistic. My girl has been a “natural” girl her entire life but her arthritis is so severe that I’ve had to resort to giving her small doses of NSAIDS every 3 days. I must say tho that these little Schipps have such a fighting spirit. She doesn’t see well but will still gallop on a goof day. They certainly are the best breed…so intelligent, devoted, and endearingly quirky.

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