A Weeks of Photos, June 24 – 30

I was going to just do 2 weeks of photos in one post, but I took a lot of photos so the next week is coming tomorrow.

Can I just take a minute to complain about something kiiind of trivial? But also not trivial. My photo storage is 75% full, and the upgrade for unlimited space is more than twice what I’m paying now. It’s partly because of these photo posts and partly because I haven’t been resizing my pictures off the camera. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Now I don’t know what I was thinking. I’ll figure it out though, although right now it seems like my best (if you call it that) bet is to go back, replace every photo with a new, smaller version then delete all the old giant photos. Ughhhh… I’ve been spending a lot of time sitting in my yard procrastinating decompressing. Unfortunately though that usually ends with me taking even more photos of all the plants in my yard.

But anyway. This sunset.


We also launched my cord-powered helicopter. This thing is like 10 years old, and the elastic that rewinds the cord actually snapped on this flight. It ended up just looking like a far away shot of a real helicopter, so I’ve included a close-up shot to show how small it actually is.


It’s been pretty hot, but we managed a little hike/nature walk.


The crazed eyes of a Schipperke with her sights on a maple branch.


Suki’s also had her collar updated to “her” colour. Even though I’ve had her wearing green for a long time, she wore the purple collar just long enough that it’s taking a bit to get used to green again!


We’ve also been to the beach. I love the tide pools at Davis Bay because Suki will happily wade into them to cool off.


A lot of Suki’s close-up photos are actually taken blind, with me just angling the lens at her face and hoping for the best because it’s hard to get a really good angle while looking through the viewfinder. Sometimes this leads to extra close shots when I forget to zoom the lens back out, but this time it worked out.


The distance I meant to take the photo from.


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