A Week of Photos, April 22-28

We had to make a quick trip into Vancouver, so we took Suki to Stanley Park. There was rain looming in the distance so there was almost no one there. Score!


I’m not sure Suki has ever loved a park this much. She’s usually a pretty polite walker, but she was rushing back and forth and pulling like a crazy dog.


As usual the park was full of gray squirrels, which I think were a big contributor to Suki’s excitement.


She even climbed a tree!


This crow was so entertaining, he walked a full circle around me. I think he was hoping I would feed him.


No need to edit anyone out of the photos. I was so surprised by how empty the park was.


We’ve also been gravitating toward the beaches lately.


Suki might have taken this all in stride, but I’m cringing and thinking about a canine chiropractic appointment.


It’s finally starting to feel like summer is on its way. I think Suki is just as happy about that as we are; she seems especially energetic on the clear, sunny days.


Suki’s not a swimmer, preferring to wade around in the shallow water. I can’t judge though because I don’t particularly like swimming either.


As always, she had to get some log climbing time in.


Sometimes the camera clicks at just the weirdest moment. My two-legged dog.


And another two-legged landing. This time a side-hop.


And her mission to get the best view is complete.


I’ve also been taking a lot of bird photos. Mostly crows, since they’re the only ones brave enough to stick around once they realize someone is focused on them. That’s okay though because I love crows, and I think corvids are probably my favourite group of birds. I’d say they almost pose for the camera, but to be honest I’m pretty sure they’re pulling faces.


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