A Week of Photos, March 8-14

Sometime I forget we live in a rainforest. Then I run into places like this.


Suki loves to climb on and explore fallen logs.


Even if she occasionally finds herself in a bit of a jam. She might pout about it a bit after, but she gets herself out just fine and gets over the ego damage pretty quickly.


She’s pretty good at log and rock climbing, including jumping back down.


One of these days I’ll get a nice photo of Suki with this wooden forest bear., but today was not that day.


The stages of Suki hunting out the squirrel she spotted, then realizing it’s gone up the tree.


A lot of our local hikes and nature walks are pretty swampy right now, but it’s worth it to see everything turning bright green. It’s finally starting to feel like Spring.


The elusive miniature swamp wolf-bear.


Back to climbing on logs.


And I had to save my two favourites for last.


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