A Week of Photos, February 10-17

We took that mini road trip up to visit J. I kicked it off with a gearlist photo.


At the time that we started out all the roads were closed, one due to an accident and the other closed for avalanche detonation, so we stopped in Hope for a bit. In the end though we managed to get beyond Hope (harrharr).


We didn’t do any big hikes, but on Saturday played around on Knox Mountain for a few hours.


I love how Suki can’t decide whether to take in the view or shove her face in the snow.


I think this would be a pretty simple trail in the summer or fall, but right now the packed snow was so slippery it was just a step up from walking on ice.


Suki carved her own trail at times.


But also led the charge on the regular trail too.


Then on Sunday we did a section of Myra Canyon Trestles.


It’s gorgeous in the winter.


I let Suki offleash for little bursts, but for the most part I kept her clipped in. You’ll see why soon.


She’s too curious for her own good. The center of the trestles are solid wood, but the edges are still open railway. The second Suki saw the holes in the trestles she had to take a peek. I don’t worry too much though because, as you can see, she’s smart about it. Tentatively walking to the edge, testing the snow as she goes along.


She might have been cautious about the trestles, but that didn’t stop her from doing some other stupid things though. What’s life without a little risk though?


I love that Suki appreciates a good view.


What would normally be a simple hop for Suki was made harder by the snow. After she jumped over she actually couldn’t get back onto the trail because the softer snow on the other side of this railway piece would give out under her every time she kicked up.


I love the impatient/excited foot stomp she does.


These tunnels were just the coolest. As much as I love these rock tunnels I really, really don’t think I could ever go spelunking. Like, ever.


Wherever we go, Suki has to make her mark (ha!).


All in all, it was a good way to spend a long weekend.




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