A Summary of 2016 and a Look Toward 2017

I am extremely late to this. We visited J’s family in Alberta this year and didn’t get back until the 30th, at which point we had to spend all our time doing laundry and repacking all J’s stuff so he could leave for school on the 1st. We stayed up until midnight, listened to our neighbours howl (the people, not their dogs), then went to bed. So business as usual. It seems like we’re always doing something on New Years. Two years ago we got held up at the border like a couple of outlaws, and our first New Years in the barnhouse was spent moving into it. Literally. We were given the keys December 30th and told we could move in at midnight if we wanted, so we did. One of my favourite memories is trying to shove our mattress up the stairs, getting it thoroughly stuck, and contemplating just sleeping on the floor. I actually really like this unconventional tradition.

For a lot of people 2016 was the worst year. For me it was more like a slow, painful uphill drag. Like hiking a steep, rocky hill with blistered heels when you forgot to pack moleskin or bandages. Just limping along, cursing everything with raw determination being the only motivation to keep moving. But it was still uphill.

We added three new hens to our little flock, which started our colourful egg basket.


There were painful moments, and setbacks. Like losing Crumble to cancer just when I had become really attached.


But we also got out. We kayaked. Which led to some entertaining stories. We explored areas of the Sunshine Coast we hadn’t been to yet.


And I embraced weirdness. I took a chicken for a walk.


So 2016 was tough, but I’m holding onto the good memories. Like I said it was a battle, but an uphill one.

I spent New Years day completely reorganizing the house, and since then I’ve just sort of been walking around in a fog. This year J and I will have been together 9 years, 5 of which we’ll have seen each other every day. This being on my own thing is a lot to get used to. Thankfully he won’t be away for too long, and if everything goes according to plan I’ll be visiting him, but it still feels like a long time. I can’t say 2017 has had the best start, but it’s starting to feel like the fog is lifting. I’m past the moping and have moved onto the part where I take the difficulty and learn from it.

I’m not really a New Years resolution kind of person. If I think of something I want to improve, I’d rather just start right away. Wait that sounds kind of braggy. It’s not meant to be braggy, more just that’s my way of doing things. It doesn’t always work either, and inevitably I’ll still have at least a few things I want to work on throughout the new year.

Goals for 2017
  • Post more. But also maybe stress less about posting. I have so many ideas jumbling around in my head and I work so hard at getting them perfect that they end up not making it up here at all. So I’d like to not try so hard to get posts up, but also dedicate more time to just spewing out the ideas, even if afterwards I think of something I could have done better.
  • Be more outgoing. Talk to people more. As a social person cursed with social anxiety, this is a tough resolution with the potential for a lot of positive.
  • Design more recipes to post here.
  • Expand the garden. Maybe even plant in the ground, instead of just having potted plants. I want to make meals out of weird pedigreed plants I’ve grown, dammit!
  • Hike one new trail a month. But like, maybe starting this one when J gets back.
  • Become more skilled at cooking dual dog and human meals. Test out camp cooking for Suki. Tell you guys about it.
  • Unplug more. I know that’s kind of a weird resolution for a blogger, but hear me out. I want to Pinterest less, decorate more. Spend less time looking at peaks on Instagram, and more time bagging them. Browse less recipes, cook more food. Less thinking about what to write about, more time actually doing things to write about. I want to spend less time thinking about the things I want to do and spend more time actually doing them. I want to cut all the hour-sucking crap from my digital time and par down to essentials.

I’m just going to end this by telling you that I wrote the notes for this on my tablet and it autocorrected par to parsnips. I want to parsnips down to the essentials. Which reminds me, I think I’d like to grow parsnips this year…

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