A Week of Photos Catch-up, January 1 -20

Between the rain and just being completely overwhelmed, I haven’t taken many pictures at all or posted the few that I’ve taken. I’m ordering a rain bag for my camera today though so hopefully that will be remedied shortly.

The juvenile bald eagles are out. At first I thought he might be a golden eagle, because of the colour, even though he didn’t seem big enough and I was pretty sure I could see white on the head. Then I got the photos on my computer and instantly recognized what he was by his nearly white eyes. You can see he’s also moulting out to his adult plumage. While bald eagles are predominantly fish eaters and scavengers, you have to keep an eye on the young ones because they can do dumb things like try to grab 50 pound dogs. And that’s not a typo. They may not be able to lift most dogs (according to websites on eagles they can really only lift about 6 pounds), but those talons can still do a lot of damage.


I’ve been honing my photography and testing out plating styles using Suki’s food. I love the progression of small improvements with each photo.


And while not the best picture, here’s a quick snap of Suki with a tiny cucumber maki I made for her.



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