A Week of Photos, December 3 – 9

Aaaand we’re back, after going AWOL. I was having trouble with my camera, so that combined with not having time to go walking except after dark made for very few photos. I’m not going to include any pictures from before this week here, but I did upload the few I took to our Instagram page so if you want to see them just follow the link.

For years I’ve struggled with my point-and-shoot. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic little camera, but it can only do so much and I was struggling with having reached its limits. It didn’t have the specs to capture low-light photos, such as the conditions in the forests we’re often in, and it was difficult to capture action shots. Well J ordered a “small” present for me. When he told me to open it early, the day before we were going to drive up a mountain to play in the snow, I should have caught on but I was absolutely floored when I saw the Nikon logo. I’m so glad to have used my Fujimilm XP70 for so long. Like I said, I had taken it to its absolute limit and by doing so I learned a lot of photography techniques I may not have with the crutch of a DSLR’s extra specs. I am so excited to expand my photography now though, and I’ve already taken over 500 photos with it. Most didn’t make the cut (most photos don’t), but it’s all part of the relearning curve.

Naturally I focused in on Suki to test the camera out.


Then our friend took us up into the mountains to play in the snow.


Suki has taken to riding the backroads like she’s been doing it her entire life, and she was made for the mountains.


We’ve been spending even more time at the beach.


One of the things on my camera that I am super excited about is the action setting. As long as the button is being held down, the camera continues to take pictures. I might actually get some nice jumping photos of Suki now! This setting is the main reason I’ve taken so many photos already.


I am having so much fun with portraits.


Funny story. After taking the first picture here Suki decided to turn around, go back up the rocks, and down onto this dock. I couldn’t convince her to go across the log, so I climbed across, at which point she turned and started heading back up the ramp as I called her.  Each time I called her she would lay her ears back and look at me over her shoulder, but wouldn’t stop. Finally I just said, “Suki, I’m not mad at you!” Instant halt. She stopped and turned around to face me so I repeated, “I’m not mad at you! Come here!” Her eyes went wide, and she dashed towards me, her front legs doing the happy paddle movement, and jumped into my arms as I scooped her up for a hug. Before assuming your dog is being defiant, try checking if they’re just being sensitive.


The mountains are full of snow, and we even got it down here by the ocean. We got so much heavy snow that it took our fence down.


More portraits. I love how I can bring the focus in on Suki.


We even made our way over to Soames. This is the perfect little trail for packing in fantastic views when the daylight is limited.


We had a snowstorm! Well, as close to a snowstorm as this part of the coast really gets anyway. Naturally we suited up and headed down to the water.


Here’s the camera’s action setting in, well, action.


And some of the best for last.




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