Put a Decorative Shirt on Your Dog and Everyone Loses Their Minds

The Coast will never fail to surprise and confuse me. About a month ago we were driving behind a guy that had one of those fancy kennels bolted to his truck bed. You know, the type that can cost up to $1000 and is safer than the truck cab. Yet his shepherd-type dog was riding loose in the truck bed. The dog was clearly not happy about it either, like the Lab mix we saw later that day just hanging out in the wind. Herding dogs tend to be a little more aware of their own mortality than gundogs. The shepherd had its ears on the side of its head, and every time the truck stopped or started the dog would go splay legged like he was bracing for the truck to crumple in a collision. This is not weird to most people.

Bandanas, however, are fancy and unusual dog fashion. Putting a scarf on your dog will draw attention. I’ve even had someone describe Suki as “all decked out” because she was wearing a collar and harness at the same time.


I guess you could say that she’s all dressed up with nowhere to go.

The other day though, I took an old thrifted skirt and upcycled it (look at me and my buzzwords) into a fantastically decorative but ultimately useless dog shirt. Suki is totally ready for fall. Like, totes ready. Or something. But not in a warmth kind of way because you could probably spit through this fabric, just a looking fabulous kind of way. Anyway, in doing so I inadvertently blew everyone’s minds.


She’s only worn it twice so far, but both days elicited some very humourous reactions.

The first day she wore it a guy said she was dressed very City and too fancy for The Coast. Capitalized because that’s what we call this place. The Coast is this bit of backwoods, The City is Vancouver and all the surrounding cities that get lumped into the collective called Vancouver or The Vancouver Area. I laughed, it was a bit odd but probably friendly. But also maybe a complinsult because some people here say city people as an insult.

The second time is when I started to wonder about people here. This woman literally could not wrap her head around it. She just couldn’t even you guys. The walking path was a bit muddy so I had thrown Suki’s rain jacket on to catch the back spray from her paws.
“Wow, that’s a really different looking coat!”
“Oh… Is it two pieces or just one?”
“So is she, like, really old or…?”


She wasn’t being rude or anything, which almost made it worse because then we just ended up awkwardly blinking at each other because neither of us could really process the conversation.

Sometimes I just like to include things that are less utility and more useless fashion. Like the dog equivalent of Hunter boots that are too expensive to actually wear in the mud or the much beloved Lululemon that everyone buys but never does yoga in. Why is this so hard to grasp?

So if you’re ever on The Coast and want to troll the locals, just put something decorative on your dog.

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