A Week of Photos

Apparently this is bandana week. Bandana week is also Uneventful Week.

I made a chicken bandana. I had what what most people would see as uselessly small scrap of fabric, but I saw a photo prop. Only Sel has tried it out so far because she’s the calmest chicken. She actually took to wearing it surprisingly well. Usually chickens freak out about anything new, but other than occasionally thinking she needed to back out of something she ran around like normal. Well normal for a Belgian Bearded d’Anvers anyway.


Then Suki debuted her latest bandana, made from J’s old hoodie that he wore until it literally fell apart. Turning your worn out favourite clothes into dog bandanas is the best excuse not to throw them away.


It’s also Thanksgiving, or… It’s also Thanksgiving if you’re Canadian, that is. Which I am. So it seems like a good time to say how thankful I am for my little monsters, who put up with me dressing them in bandanas, or other costumes, for luring and/or prodding them to pose for photos, and for putting up with my constant smothering affection. Although having animals comes with its challenges, my life is and always has been made vastly richer by the pets, or animal companions or whatever you want to call them, that have been a part of it.

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