Two Weeks of Photos

So last week I updated my computer, only to find out that doing so made my wireless internet stick obsolete. Or something. My internet wasn’t working. Now it is, because we ordered another connection. Or as I like to put it, “our new internet came in the mail!” So you’re getting two weeks condensed into one post today. It’s also late, because I accidentally scheduled it for 12:00 PM instead of AM.

Week 1

We managed to get in a bit more kayaking before the cold, rainy weather hit.


I discovered my camera has a fish-eye lens.


The fish-eye lens worked better on Suki’s buddies.


Pack in as many warm weather adventures as you can, because it looks like Fall is officially here.


Do all the open trails you can before rain forces you under the trees.


And even just relax at the beach.


Week 2

We went on our first rainwear-needed hike of the season.


Suki’s gone through an epic coat blow and is now rockin’ that “maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s sarcoptic mange” look. She also managed to scratch her skin where the hair is most sparse.


Her coat may not look the best right now but on the plus side her topcoat, which was looking pretty red and sun-bleached, should grow back nicer than ever.


I highly recommend exploring up logging roads if you get the chance. You can find some pretty nice views up there.


And finally, more beach time. I think we actually spend more time on the beaches in the Fall than we do in the Summer.


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