A Week of Photos

I swear Brulot knows she shouldn’t be in the tub planter. The moment I spot her she quickly jumps out, but then hops right back in the second my back is turned. Brat. She unearthed the unsightly “biodegradable” coffee bag experiment I have buried in there. So far it actually does seem to be breaking down, which is a nice surprise. She also dug up and scattered all my bean plants, which is why they’re now surrounded by a mini fence.


And just in case anyone has ever wondered what a chicken looks like soaking wet, I present this horror that used to be (and is once again) fluffy Sel. I’m not sure why, but she had become rather gross and smelly. Chickens shouldn’t stink, they should smell a bit earthy and “birdy” but never bad. Now that she’s had a refresh she’s taking better care of her feathers herself. Also don’t worry, the tumourous lump on her chest is just her crop full of food.


I have to give the tourists credit, I’ve been really enjoying the tourist-y hikes that locals usually shun and haven’t had one negative experience with other dog owners. Keep it up, guys.


Gueuze’s tail feathers are coming back in following his moult. I’m refraining from telling him his tail is girly right now, but I’m keeping that in my back pocket in case his ego needs a little steam taken out of it.


For a bit there Zeste was just too cool and wanted nothing to do with me, but now she’s decided she remembers we’re buddies.


And finally, I discovered that two hikes I’ve done numerous times are actually connected.


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