A Week of Photos

Beignet is obsessed with drinking out of the leaky hose. She was so disappointed when we fixed it.


Okay, so I don’t have favourites. What? I don’t! Zeste and Sel though, they’re really just something else. I get the best pictures of them because they hang out with me in the yard. Sel has even jumped onto my knee asking for scratches.


This is a terrible photo, but I think it makes a great case for feathery dinosaurs being just as terrifying as scaley ones. Imagine Zeste here is as big as her mighty t-rex ancestors. You’ve climbed a tree in hopes it will be tall enough, but just when you think you’re safe this is the last thing you see:


Suki keeps getting better and better with the birds. Now that they have become a normal feature in the yard she mostly ignores them. Mostly.


They’ve even snoozed together.


For a bit there the weather was really cooling off, but it looks like Summer is going to be here a little longer.


And finally, you can find some interesting features in the forest.


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